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Below is a listing of organizations that have given NJ Dining Guide their respective Culinary awards. Our website was chosen for it's -- "Excellence in the presentation of food on-line", (Gourmet Fare Magazine) and also recognized by Food & Leisure -- for our Comprehensive NJ Restaurant Directory & their Hot Site Award.

We appreciate all the attention & kind words. Thank you!!


  • 4anything.com "One of the best in it's category"
  • Natures Very Best. "Excellence Award"
  • ChefNet.com "Digital Hors d'oeuvres Site of the Day"
  • Food & Leisure "Hot Site Award"
  • Market -Tek "The Prestigious Market-Tek Award"
  • NETawards. "Awesome Site"
  • "The Mopsicle Award"
  • "Critical Mass Award"
  • "A+ Approved - Design Award"
  • TuBears. "Gold Award"
  • The Internet Epicurean "Editors Award"
  • Majon "Seal of Excellence Award"
  • KJEM "Most Treasured Site Award"
  • Gourmet Fare Magazine.
    "Excellence in the Presentation of Food On-Line"
  • Web Digest. "Top100 Restaurant Sites - Diamond Award"

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